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REIKI for Pets


I am a qualified Reiki healer and have also been practising Reiki for some time. Now i have decided to help others. I use mainly  hands off treatment for pets, as i wish to cause as little distress as possible . It is a gentle process and draws in energy to aid healing.

Reiki practitioners are not trained in diagnosis and will not predict any specific outcome from treatment. 
As a psychic i find the use of Reiki very good for the soul!


Reiki treatment can be practised on anyone or anything including plants!.  It can also be used with  conventional  or complementary treatment.

The powerful healing energy of Reiki can bring benefits for pets as well as their owners. Helping pets through depression or bereavement. Helping pets who are nervous or in pain. Pets that are stressed, or are unsettled within a new environment. Pets that are oversensitive can benefit. 

Owners will also feel much better knowing they are seeking help for their pet and giving them understanding as well as kindness. 

Reiki can be used without distressing your pet and involves very little contact and sometimes none at all is required.


I provide a purpose built room , which is warm and pleasing for your pet. I want them to feel as welcome as possible. And of course you as their owner and companion, will receive a friendly and positive experience. 

This is my aim. I want you both to leave feeling so much more relaxed

Book now and begin your pets journey ..............

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