Crystal healing all you need to know

Crystal healing is a non evasive treatment , using crystals.  These are placed on the body at various points, to feel the benefit. Some people experience a warm or cold feeling, others nothing at all, only relaxation.  But the crystals will be working and conducting their energy to make you feel better.  

Placing crystals on the body or holding them, is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals can rejuvenate you, make you feel relaxed and are good for stress, anxiety and depression. They promote a feeling of well-being. 

It is recommended you have more than one session to feel the full benefit.  But this is only a recommendation, i am happy to do one session only with you.

I combine Crystal healing with Reiki , as i am a qualified Reiki healer.

So initially i will do a non invasive scan of your body, to decide where the crystals would give the most benefit

Before we begin we will have a short discussion, to let you know exactly what will happen. 

Any questions please use the contact form.

Thank you.

*please note i am not making any medical claims, as crystals may not work for everyone. Also crystals are not a cure for your ailments , they simply help you to cope and feel better within yourself.