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*These are achieved using a psychic link and crystal ball. Photo is requested for this, once you order on this Website.

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Angelic Tarot Card Readings

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 I am an Experienced Tarot reader.

Also a Qualified Reiki healer

Bookings can be made using my contact form or booking online

I have been a Psychic Tarot reader for more than 38 years .   Tarot reading has been in my family for generations. I personally use cards that have been in existence for over a Century. This guarantees a genuine reading. These are the most difficult to read.  It is more than knowing the turn of a card. It is about believing in and using psychic ability. I also use a crystal ball to enhance my abilities.  I offer a 'one to one' service in a purpose built, comfortable environment. Also a local mobile service and party bookings.  I am now a qualified Reiki healer and offer this service. I am Yorkshire born and have lived here all my life.

Please note i am not a practising medium or spiritualist

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